• Mastering Wheel Throwing: Centering Large Volumes of Clay • Lausanne (Renens-Gare)

Mastering Wheel Throwing: Centering Large Volumes of Clay • Lausanne (Renens-Gare)

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Mastering Wheel Throwing: Centering Large Volumes of Clay • Lausanne (Renens-Gare)

Are you ready to take your pottery skills to the next level? Join us for an immersive six-hour workshop designed for practitioners seeking to refine their techniques in wheel throwing.


In this intensive workshop, participants will delve deep into the art of throwing and centering large volumes of clay.

Led by our experienced instructor Emile Mazzone, this hands-on class is crafted for individuals with a solid foundation in wheel throwing, ranging from middle to advanced levels, eager to explore the complexities of working with substantial amounts of clay.


Throughout the session, you’ll learn advanced throwing techniques specifically tailored to handle larger volumes of clay, allowing you to create impressive vessels with confidence and precision. Our skilled instructor will guide you through every step of the process, from preparing the clay to mastering the art of centering and shaping.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have honed your skills in controlling and manipulating clay on the wheel, enabling you to create bold, substantial forms that reflect your artistic vision.

Whether you're interested in crafting large-scale pottery or simply seeking to challenge yourself with new techniques, this class offers a unique opportunity to expand your repertoire and elevate your craft.


Materials & Equipment:

  • Clay and necessary tools will be provided


Note: Due to the advanced nature of this workshop, spaces are limited to 6 participants to ensure personalized instruction and ample hands-on practice. Reserve your spot today to secure your place in this exclusive learning experience!


Cost: 270.- CHF 


Don't miss this chance to refine your skills and unlock your creative potential in wheel throwing. We look forward to welcoming you to our studio for an unforgettable day of learning and artistic exploration!


Any firing of pieces made during the workshop will be billed at 23CHF/kg with a transparent glaze. 

You can also take an additional session for decorating and glazing your pieces.

Glazing and decoration is an apprenticeship in itself and requires a workshop.



  • Proficiency in basic wheel throwing techniques
  • Comfort working with clay on the potter's wheel

Age: 16 yo+ 


Wheel Throwing Pottery Technique

Kindly select your date and time carefully. We DO NOT refund nor reschedule bookings. We recommend adding your booked workshop into your calendar, as we do not send reminders.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person.