Firing Service

Firing Service

Firing Service for Non-Members

Bisque 900 °C

• 1kg // 10.-chf

• 1 floor 43x49x10 // 35.-chf

• Full kiln 200L //  90.-chf

Hight Temperature 1260 °C

• 1kg // 15.-chf

• 1 floor 43x49x10 // 50.-chf

• Full kiln 200L //  200.-chf

Medium Temperature °C

• Full kiln 200L //  200.-chf

KLAYIT staffs takes care of running the kiln.

You can purchase high temperature clay from KLAYIT studio directly

• 10kg // 35-40.-chf

Are you an amateur potter or had previous pottery experience? Are you looking to develop your pottery skills into a professional level? We're here to help you out and guide you on selecting the corresponding clay and techniques for your projects.