• Open studio Membership • Lausanne (Renens-Gare)

Open studio Membership • Lausanne (Renens-Gare)

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Embrace creativity at our modern ceramic studio, conveniently located just a step from RENENS train station. Join us for a unique pottery experience with open studio membership, where you'll have access to over 300 sqm of space, expert instruction, and the freedom to bring your skills to the next level.

• Your monthly accesses are flexible. You don’t need to choose a fix week day. 

• Your studio is open from 7am to 11pm every days.

•  During your membership, you will be allocated storage space, an apron, and a  personal toolkit.

• Members benefit from a 25% discount on all workshops during the period of their subscription


KLAYIT Lausanne studio is fully equipped craft space with professional potters tools and machines.

• 12 potters wheels ( 6 wheels are always reserved for members)

• One rolling mill for slab building

• One large spray box for spray glazing

• A plaster workspace for mould making.

• One plaster Wheel.


• Over 10 dipping glazes

• Over 30 brush glazes

• 10 types of sandstone clay body

• Two types of Porcelain body


Each member has a personal storage space.

A pottery toolbox is also made available to each member for their personal use.

Our studio also offer quiet and bright spaces for your ceramic  work on table.

A healing space with coffee and tea machine, a community fridge and a microwave.


Sounds good to you? Fill the form below, and we will get back to you soonest, visit the studio and become a member!


Full access Membership

Access to KLAYIT Studio from Monday to Sunday. 

3 access 

2 Accesses to KLAYIT Studio per week, up to 5 hours per access.

2 access

1 Access to KLAYIT Studio per week, up to 5 hours per access. 

1 access

1 Access to KLAYIT Studio per week, up to 5 hours per access.

You will receive access to the members calendar on which you will have to sign up before coming. You can reschedule your session no later than 48h before your session.

• Access to all KLAYIT facilities, studio, machinery & tools. (except the kiln, KLAYIT team is in charge of running the Kiln). The kiln turnover is about 1 week on average.

• Personal storage Space in the studio for your pieces

  1 access / week 40x30x30cm

  2 & 3 accesses / week 40x30x65cm

  Full access 40x30x65cm

• Pack of 10kg of sandstone clay, sold at the studio for 25.-chf 

• 25% percent discount on KLAYIT workshops.

• Firing Price is 23.- chf / kg including both firing ( glaze + high temperature ) and the use of KLAYIT glaze.

• Private sessions for 90.- chf / hour.


If you wish to use a glaze or clay that we don't propose in the studio we're happy to order it in the next purchase.

Memberships are Subscription based, you can subscribe for a minimum of 1 month. Your subscription will be automatically renewed without notice.

You cannot pause your membership.

If you wish to stop your membership you can cancel directly on the website and give us a notice of 10 days. When canceling your membership you're expected to clear your shelve and pick up all of your items before your last day. Any unpicked items will be disposed once the subscription ends.

We do not refund any transaction. Please make sure to plan your subscription carefully.

You CANNOT bring your own clay nor glaze.

Tools and machinery in the studio are at your disposal.

If you don't have enough experience glazing, we recommend you to take a glazing and decoration workshop so you can start using the glazes on your own.

It is always good to ask if you're not sure about some material or machines, we're happy to guide you and answer your questions.

We don't expect you to know how to use all the machines like the glazing cage, please ask before using or book a private session to get the tutorial needed.

We do not refund any transaction. Please make sure to plan your subscription carefully.