With clay, the possibilities are limitless! Surrender to the moment, improvise, and let your sensations guide you!

The visual guide and booklet provided inside our KLAYbox, will introduce you to all the essential concepts you need for a smooth practice of clay. By following the steps of the " My cup of tea " visual guide, you will discover an ancestral modeling technique called "pinching". The knowledge and steps learned in this guide will help you understand the basic characteristics of the material, after that, your practice will progressively become more autonomous.

Everything you need to create, is in your KLAYbox. Our selection of tools will allow you to perform all the necessary modeling manipulations and assembly of raw parts. The use of utensils is intuitive, explore their effects and refer to the visual guide for the specific use of certain tools.

Getting started at home is very easy, all you need is a small space with a surface that is easy to clean, and does not fear humidity. You will require minimal amounts of water for certain manipulations, such as assembling two parts together, or to re-humidify your clay. Although the experimentation process appears to be messy, the clay is easy to handle and clean. It is advised, however, to be careful while working with red clay, as it could possibly/likely stain fabric.

No, your clay pieces cannot be fired in a conventional oven.

To be transformed into ceramic, natural clay must be fired at a high temperature - 1260 degrees - in a professional electric oven. Our firing service offers you the final step to complete the cycle of your ceramic experience. We make sure your designs are fired and good to go!

KLAYIT gathers your creations from the collection point closest to your home, and returns your fired ceramics to the same collection point for you to pick them up!

We daily strive to continue to expand our network of partners and provide more collection points. Discover our partners here!


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