• Introduction to Wheel Throwing Level 01 • 4 sessions • Geneva
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  • Introduction to Wheel Throwing Level 01 • 4 sessions • Geneva
  • Introduction to Wheel Throwing Level 01 • 4 sessions • Geneva


Introduction to Wheel Throwing Level 01 • 4 sessions • Geneva

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Wheel training level 01  From preparing clay to shaping bowls / cups / vases.


This pack of 4 sessions aims to introduce you to the practice of pottery throwing. You will learn the preparation of the clay for the , the centering of the clay by the stabilization of the body, the techniques of shaping of a cylinder then the shaping of a large piece and a set of cups /bowls/small vase.

At the end of this pack you should be able to throw a  kilo ball of clay. Our level 02 pack will allow you


Learn the basics of throwing practice. Our weekly classes will allow you to progress quickly while producing your first series of pieces on the potter's wheel. 

• Workshop 01: Discovery of pottery, the clay material and the world of ceramics. Discover the wheel, the emblematic tool of pottery. Shape your first bowl / cup and compose your shapes using the tools developed by the KLAYIT workshops.

• Workshop 02: Focus on the practice of centering the positioning of the body and the search for balance and stability. With your experience and guided by your instructor, you will be able to shape a large bowl.

Workshop 03: After a reminder of the basics of clay preparation and centering, it is time to start producing your first small series of objects. Your instructor will guide you through the shaping of a series of cups / bowls / small vases.

Workshop 04: Discover the pottery trimming, the complementary techniques of wheel throwing. Refining of your pieces and apply handles if you wish to.

All the pieces produced during this workshop (as far as they can be fired) will be fired and glazed in transparent. The high temperature cooking of your pieces will allow you to use them in the dishwasher and microwave oven.

Additional session for decorating and glazing. You can decorate one or more pieces created  during your pack. Glazing and decorating pieces is an apprenticeship in itself and requires an additional session.

link to glazing session

Level: Beginner & experienced

Age: 15 yo+ 

Wheel throwing Pottery technique

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For the quality of your learning, we strongly recommend that you follow your 4 course dates. However, if you miss one of your sessions, you will be able to "catch up" in a session of the same level or a free session in the same month.